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Credits & Special Thanks

A Thank-you to Everyone Who Made the E-History Project Possible


  • The support of the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Culture, Museums and Technology Fund, is gratefully acknowledged
  • The support of the County of Lennox & Addington, whose funding and resources made this project possible

A special thank-you goes out to all the museums, historical societies, and institutions that participated in the project, submitting research, photographs and supporting materials:

  • The Allan Macpherson House
  • The Bath Museum
  • The Canadian Piano Museum
  • The Fairfield-Gutzeit House/The Fairfield-Gutzeit Society
  • The Fairfield House/The Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association
  • The Lennox & Addington Historical Society
  • The Old Hay Bay Church
  • The Pioneer Museum/Cloyne and District Historical Society
  • The United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre

E-History Project Credits:

Jane Foster, E-History Project Editor, Researcher, and Writer

Scott Jones, E-History Project Designer, Researcher, and Writer

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