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About Lennox & Addington's E-History Project

Following the Footsteps of Lennox & Addington's Story

A number of books have previously been published about the County of Lennox & Addington. Walter S. Herrington’s History of Lennox & Addington published in 1913 was a seminal pioneering work that defined the chronological and regional development of the County. Papers and Records published by the Lennox & Addington Historical Society, starting in 1910, highlighted primary sources  coming into the collections of the Society and short papers on local individuals and County history.  The County’s Centennial Celebrations in 1964 were the impetus for Historical Glimpses of Lennox & Addington, brief vignettes of the County and the townships, edited by James A. Eadie, History Department, NDSS.  The Ontario Bicentennial in 1984 generated another publication  authored by Frank B. Edwards and published by James Lawrence, Camden House Publishing, then operating in Camden East.  This publication re-interpreted the County‘s history through handsomely reproduced historical photographs of people and activity in Lennox & Addington. Then, in 2008, Jean Morrison, publisher of the Napanee Beaver, published a Historical Atlas of Lennox & Addington County authored by Orland French, with historical and current data profiling the various hamlets, villages and regions of the County.

The Lennox & Addington E-History Project showcases objects in museum collections in Lennox & Addington County. Invitations were extended to all museums in Lennox & Addington to share their collections through Lennox & Addington’s  E-History.  Each contribution from a participating museum is credited. All other articles highlight the collections at the Lennox & Addington County Museum & Archives.

Museums, as depositories of material culture, collect artifacts made and used by people.  Museum curators interpret artifacts to reveal the people that used them.  Objects used in every day human activities define individuals and communities and influenced local, regional and world events.

Lennox & Addington’s E-History is a starting point for another look at Lennox & Addington’s historical story.   Based on the premise that objects relating to a geographic area can reveal the historical story of that area,  Lennox & Addington’s E-History discusses each object in its historical context and provides links to details of the object, as well as, photographic and written sources.  Object based history is a starting-point for a multi-disciplinary study of local history that interweaves with regional and national history.  This approach gives us a greater appreciation of the role of material objects in human activity, the people who used them, the communities, customs and traditions they evolved. 

The Lennox & Addington E-History Project was undertaken with generous financial support from the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Culture, Museums and Technology Fund, and the County of Lennox & Addington.

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