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The Horse & Buggy Era (1880-1900)

The Union School Water Jug

School Days

A sign and water jug from the former SS#1 Barrie Township School

On Highway 41 just south of the village of Cloyne sits an old schoolhouse which is currently being restored and renovated into an antique shop. This building was the former SS#1 Barrie Township school, called a "Union" school because it served the children of 2 municipalities, which in 1898 were called Barrie and Anglesea Townships. The first was in Frontenac County, the second in Lennox and Addington. Even in 1898, Cloyne was home to two separate municipal governments. DISCOVER MOREReadmore Arrow

This water jug was supplied by the Meyers School Supplies, which had been in business since 1884. The jug is in wonderful condition for its age. The "Union School" sign isn't quite so fortunate, having been found in a ditch before being rescued and given to the museum.

Submitted courtesy of The Pioneer Museum, Cloyne and District Historical Society

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