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Towns & Industry (1860-1880)

Green & Son's Cradle

Green Craddle

A Green & Son Cradle, c. 1869

John Cameron Green, a carpenter whose family lived at the hamlet of Parma, South Fredericksburgh Township, was a business partner with John Gibbard, cabinetmaker, Napanee. DISCOVER MOREReadmore Arrow

John's wife was Eliza Mallory, daughter of Edwin and Sarah Mallory. On the1851 census, Eliza Green with her children, Edwin A., Arnoldi C. and Sarah were living next to her parents. John was appointed postmaster at Parma in 1857. John was home when the 1861 census was taken and another son, Frederick, three years old had joined the family.

In the fall of 1864, Gibbard and Green's cabinet factory had suffered a fire attributed to arson. In January 1865, John Green resigned as postmaster at Parma. In April the same year, he also dissolved his business partnership with John Gibbard, Napanee. John Green and his son, Edwin established their own factory on Canal Street, adjacent to Gibbard and Son's factory.

By January 1869, they were advertising a selection of furniture at their new cabinet warerooms. H.P. Lowry was the foreman in charge at the factory. In January 1870, John and Edwin formalized their partnership as "Green and Son".

This "Green and Son" cradle was purchased by Peter and Jane Chalmers for their infant son, Thomas, born March 28, 1869. The cradle features spool turned posts with squared sections ending in stout finials and spool turned spindles. One slat is stamped "Green and Son".

Peter and Jane had a family farm at Bass Cove, Adolphustown. Peter and his siblings had emigrated with their parents, Peter and Margaret, from Ireland about 1849. After moves to the Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston areas, the family settled in Adolphustown.

In December 1874, another disastrous fire at the adjacent Gibbard Factory threatened their building. When steam and hand engines failed to work properly, an "army of workers" heroically kept the Green's factory from burning by passing water from hand to hand. Business directory listings for Green and Son are discontinued by 1882.

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