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Borders & Frontiers (1800-1820)

Maria Pruyn Fairfield’s Teaspoons

Fairfield Teaspoons

Maria Pruyn Fairfield’s Teaspoons from a set of five

Maria Pruyn married Stephen Fairfield in 1799. Stephen Fairfield was the fifth son in William and Abigail Fairfield’s family of six sons and six daughters. He became the second generation owner of the Fairfield farm and homestead. In 1805, William gave Stephen 150 acres of Lot 37. After William’s death in December 1812, Stephen continued the already established activities of farming and keeping a licensed tavern at the house. DISCOVER MOREReadmore Arrow

By the end of December 1820, Maria Fairfield was widowed. When the inventory of Stephen’s estate was prepared, “1/2 Dozen Silver Table Spoons/ Do. Tea Spoons” were the twelfth line in the listing of the household goods. The combined value was £3.

Five small silver teaspoons bear the simple engraved initials “M F” on the face of the handle. The back of the handles have the maker’s stamp “D S”, which has not been identified to help with dating the spoons. The bowl of one of the spoons bears the marks of its use as a baby’s teether. How many generations of Fairfields contributed to the modification of the simple silver form?

Submitted courtesy of the Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association, Fairfield House, Amherstview

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