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Loyalist Exiles (1784-1799)

Sills Family Prayer Book

Sills Family Prayer Book

Sills Family prayer book dated 1757

Conrad Sills was born in Germany and arrived in the American Colonies at a young age. He settled in Pennsylvania where he owned land and established a farm. He joined the British in 1777, and was at the battle at Fort Stanwix. He served three years in the King's Royal Regiment of New York before coming to Canada. He had three sons that also fought in the Revolution, though the oldest was only twenty-two and the youngest sixteen. They fought in Sir John Johnsonís Regiment. He owned 300 acres on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania before the war. His Land Claim states that he had of the 300 acres, 20 acres cleared, six horses, four cows, two calves, one bullock, sheep, hogs, furniture, utensils and grain. DISCOVER MOREReadmore Arrow

Conrad Sills and his family lived in Quebec for a time before moving to Upper Canada as the baptism of their son Peter Sills recorded in the prayer book attests, Peter was born in 1778, and baptized in Montreal in 1779. Eventually the family settled in South Fredericksburgh, close to the hamlet that bears their name. Conrad Sills was married four times, the first to Miss Amey, the second to widow Mrs. McNabb, and the third time to widow Mrs. Blanchard. It is not known what the name of his fourth wife was. Many of his children and grandchildren went on to become prominent citizens in many local communities of Lennox & Addington, and also Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

The Sills Family prayer book is a small leather bound volume printed according to the date on the fronts-piece in 1757. Inside the cover are recorded the birth and baptism of his children. The book, entirely written in German, attests to the Sills strong Lutheran and German heritage. It also contains some of Lutherís notes on the scriptures, he himself appearing in a woodcut illustration inside the book. Originally the volume could be closed by two leather and brass latches, of which two stubs remain.

Submitted courtesy of the United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre, Adolphustown

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